What I’m Listening to

Down tempo electronic music with catchy synth lines. I’m not sure if that even makes sense, I’m terrible at generalizing music. These are my 2 favorite playlists at the moment:


Five Star Trail

Five Star Trail is my first jump into affiliate marketing and online marketing in general. I’m trying to make money doing what I love to do – look at camping gear online. There’s a lot of low quality gear on Amazon and I sift through the technical specs and reviews to find only the best and put it on the site. Much of it is also things I’ve used personally. It didn’t feel right just making a buck telling people to buy more stuff so I donate half of my profits to state and national parks.

Car Camping Life

Nobody talks about car camping, it’s all glamping or backpacking. It’s taken me a number of years to hone my camping game and get the proper gear, skills and experience to maximize my fun outdoors. Now I’m making the camping blog I wish I could have read five or six years ago. My job and the local climate don’t allow for many camping trips so my hope is that my online ventures eventually turn into enough income to let me work less and spend more time outside.

Web Design

I design simple blogs like this one for people who are interested in writing a blog, but don’t want to deal with the backend stuff. I register the domain, provide hosting, install WordPress, a premium theme, the essential plugins and throw in a few post templates too. Contact me for more info.